Learn a language
with pleasure by reading your favorite books

30 minutes of reading a day
Is all you need to learn a language
Expand your vocabulary
Up to 15,000 new words per year, that’s how much the average native speaker knows
Learn new phrases
While reading, you'll memorize new phrases and expressions in the background
Improve your grammar level
The best way to learn grammar is to see the rules in context
Enjoy the process
Read books and improve your foreign language skills without getting distracted by translating words
Spanish version of the website is under development
This is what allows you to learn a language quickly. Other methods are much slower.
Parallel Reading method
Parallel translation is the best alternative to using a dictionary! This method allows you to read quickly and enjoyably, immersing yourself in the book rather than the dictionary.
Using machine translation allows you to focus on foreign sentences, quickly reviewing the translation to clear up any uncertainties about words and expressions.
When reading in DoubleReading format, you read extensively.
It allows you to:
«Read with interest! Learn a language with pleasure!»
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Start learning a language with pleasure, together with DoubleReading
DoubleReading App — reading without a dictionary.
is all you need to learn a language.
30 minutes of reading a day
30 minutes of reading a day
Library: books everyone should read!
The app offers a library of books from various genres. Our library is constantly updated with new books.
Interactive reader
Fast reading mode — words and their translations are automatically highlighted upon clicking
Here you will find not only the meaning, transcription, and pronunciation but also examples of word usage in quotes, from classic literature and specialized periodicals to movie scripts and cookbooks.
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Start learning a language with pleasure, together with DoubleReading
DoubleReading — the place where reading turns into
a magical language learning tool!
DoubleReading — the place where reading turns into
a magical language learning tool!
to learn a language, all in one app:
everything you need
which will subsequently allow its effective use in your own practice
Stable expressions, grammatical structures, time patterns, etc.
Speaking Practice
In our application, you will not only be able to read books, but also converse with them. During the reading process, the built-in AI will ask you questions and listen to your responses, carrying out error analysis.
During the reading process, you will be able to choose the writing training mode. In this case, you will periodically receive corresponding exercises to practice this skill.
Grammar Explanations
By activating this feature, you will be able to see the rules in context. Encountering grammatical patterns multiple times while reading, you will be able to master them at the same level as native speakers do when immersed in the language environment.
Spaced Repetition
Words added to the dictionary will be available for spaced repetition in a special trainer to improve memorization of new words.
Pronunciation Practice
Efficient pronunciation training with analysis and breakdown of mistakes
You will be able not only to read, but also listen to the book you like. Thus, you will learn to comprehend foreign speech by ear and will be able to study a foreign language anywhere.
Language is:
The secret is that by using DoubleReading, you will develop all these skills using the most effective and modern approaches.
DoubleReading is more than just an app!
It's a developing interactive environment where reading becomes a magical tool for language learning!
for yearly
for a year
All additional functionality mentioned above will be included in your package for free when you subscribe this year, as soon as it becomes available
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Which means this winter:
Different language pairs
Currently, our library includes books for those learning English. Throughout the winter, we plan to expand the library and add new books for learners of: Spanish, French, Chinese (Mandarin), Arabic, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Japanese.
Translation of your own books
Over a hundred languages for creating a DoubleReading format. Upload your books and convert them into DoubleReading format.
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Start learning a language with pleasure, together with DoubleReading
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Creating an environment where modern technologies and tools are implemented to learn a language as efficiently as possible!
Around us, there's an amazing technological world filled with wonders of human thought. People have taught machines to speak and understand speech, translating hundreds of books from one language to another in fractions of a second! And with all this power, we still continue to learn languages the old-fashioned way, for years, often without much success.