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A selection of books about parallel worlds in DoubleReading format
Exciting works of world classics about other worlds, time dimensions, and parallel universes in the original language!
There are 10 books in the collection:
  • "The Colour Out of Space" by Howard Lovecraft
  • "War of the Worlds" by HG Wells
  • "The Gods of Mars" by Edgar Burroughs
  • "A Princess of Mars" by Edgar Burroughs
  • "The Warlord of Mars" by Edgar Burroughs
  • "The Land That Time Forgot" by Edgar Burroughs
  • "At the Earth's Core" by Edgar Burroughs
  • "Out of time's Abbys" by Edgar Burroughs
  • "From Beyond" by Howard Lovecraft
  • "The Shadow Out of Time" by Howard Lovecraft
Books are translated into DoubleReading format. Line-by-line translation will allow you to enjoy reading the original, regardless of your foreign level.
Read with interest, and learn the language with pleasure!