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From B1 to C1: a selection of books by level in the DoubleReading format
A selection of books from Intermediate to Advanced levels will allow you to progress in learning English and expand your vocabulary comfortably.
В коллекции 10 книг:
  • "Roads of Destiny" O. Henry (B1)
  • "Little Lord Fauntleroy" by Eliza Burnett (B1)
  • "Valley of Terror" by Conan Doyle (V1)
  • "The Importance of Being Earnest" by Oscar Wilde (B2)
  • "Pollyanna" Eleanor Porter (W2)
  • "Black Beauty" by Anna Sewell (B2)
  • "The Magician" by Somerset Maugham (W2)
  • "The Sea Wolf" by Jack London (С1)
  • "White Fang" by Jack London (C1)
  • "The Man Who Laughs" by VIctor Marie Hugo (C1)
Books are translated into DoubleReading format. Line-by-line translation will allow you to enjoy reading the original, regardless of your foreign level.
Read with interest, and learn the language with pleasure!