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A selection of books for continuing with a more complex structure
A selection of adapted books for level A2 is designed to be easy to read while expanding vocabulary and improving grammar.
There are 10 books in the collection:
  • "The Prince and the Pauper" by Mark Twain
  • "The Law of Life" by Jack London
  • "The Curse of Capistrano" by Johnston Mcculley
  • "The Model Millionaire" by Oscar Wilde
  • "Stories from the Five Towns" by Arnold Bennett
  • "The Fall of the House of Usher" by Edgar Allan Poe
  • "The Rajah's Diamond" by Robert Louis Stevenson
  • "The Count of Monte Cristo" by Alexandre Dumas
  • "Island of Dr. Moreau" by H. G. Wells
"The upper Berth" by Francis Marion CrawfordBooks are translated into DoubleReading format. Line-by-line translation will allow you to enjoy reading the original, regardless of your foreign level.
Read with interest, and learn the language with pleasure!